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Show Rules PDF Print E-mail
Written by Alan Dunne   
Tuesday, 09 June 2009 14:33


  1. Shows will be judged according to Association of Aquarists rules.
  2. Show organisers have the right to refuse an entry.
  3. No fish on the CITES list of endangered species will be accepted for showing.  Any such exhibits will be automatically disqualified from the competition and removed from the show bench.
  4. All fish must be able to swim and turn freely in their show containers.  Any exhibit deemed to be unsuitable in this respect will be removed from the competition and receive no points.
  5. a)    All exhibits to be shown in clear flat sided containers, minimum size 100mm x 100mm x 100mm.  The minimum size in any direction is to be 100mm. The base can either be clear or black (but a black base is preferable). The only exclusion from this will be Class FA in which only the front glass needs to be clear.  The use of tinted, coloured or magnified glass is expressly excluded in any competition exhibit.

    b)     Divided containers may only be used in pairs and breeders classes. Otherwise, all fish exhibits are to be shown singly.

    c)     Containers other than as in Rules 5a and 5b will receive ZERO points for presentation.

    d)     Rules 5a and 5b may be relaxed where fish are included in displays at events lasting more than one day.  This will be defined in the individual show rules by the organisers.  Lighting may be permitted in special display tanks at such events but the use of any colour enhancing lights is not permitted.

  6. Aeration, filtration and heating may be used in all exhibits. Aeration and filtration must be switched off whilst the individual exhibit is being judged.
  7. a)     All containers shall be labelled with both class and exhibit numbers.  The date of birth is also required for breeders classes.

    b)     Exhibitors are encouraged to put the scientific and/or common name of their fish on their container.

  8. Diseased or deformed fish may be disqualified at the option of the Senior Judge. See separate rules for Furnished Aquaria.
  9. a) Fish shown as pairs must be readily identifiable as male and female of the same species.

    b)     Breeders teams are to consist of four fish from the same brood, having been bred by the exhibitor, and be a minimum of three months and a maximum of fifteen months on the date of the show. Preference will be given to exhibits containing two matching pairs of the same species.

    c) Breeders teams must be judged by two judges.

  10. Every exhibit will be pointed and the results displayed at the venue.
  11. The Show Manager and/or stewards may restrict access to certain areas whilst judging is in progress as appropriate to the conditions.  However it is normal practice for viewing to take place during judging provided that visitors are quiet, well behaved and do not impede the judges in their work.
  12. Juniors are deemed to be under the age of sixteen on the day of the show.
  13. Exhibits will not be interfered with once judging is in progress, or removed before the end of the show, without the express permission of the Show organisers.
  14. a)   Only aquatic plants may be exhibited in plant classes.

    b) Plants will be shown fully submersed, with the exception of floating plants.

    c)   Rooted plants are to be shown singly, either in pots, weighted or attached to the material on which it normally grows.

    d) Cuttings are to be shown as three separate pieces, each to be individually ballasted by plant weights.

  15. The Judge will adopt a flexible outlook where possible. However, the welfare of the exhibit is of paramount importance – see also Rule 4.
  16. a) Furnished Aquaria will be of the following sizes:

























    Individual Aquascape





    Society Aquascape

    *Width = front to back measurement

    b) Substrate may only be used in Class FA, unless otherwise stated in the show schedule.

    c) Only Class FA may be lit and this must be with a uniform white light, unless otherwise stated in the show schedule.

    d) Only fully aquatic plants will be accepted in Furnished Aquaria.

    e)   Diseased or deformed fish shown in FA classes will receive ZERO points. All other features will be pointed for interest only. The exhibit will not be eligible for an award.

    f)   Class FA must be judged by two judges.

  17. A judge is free to judge at any show and to use the standards currently used by the booking Society.
  18. Judges are at liberty to waive certain rules if the local conditions necessitate this.
  19. a)   Judges will comprise of Senior Judges, Judges, and Trainee Judges.

    b)   Judges will only officiate at shows where their grading allows:

    Senior Judges -      National Shows, Open Shows, Closed Shows, Inter-Club Shows         
    and Table Shows.

    Judges -                Open Shows, Closed Shows, Inter-Club Shows and Table Shows.

    Trainee Judges -    Closed Shows, Inter-Club Shows and Table shows.

    c) Trainee Judges will be encouraged, wherever possible, to gain experience by accompanying Senior Judges to Open Shows. Permission should first be obtained from the host Society and approval received from the Judges & Standards Committee. In this instance, a Trainee Judge may assist in judging a class, under the supervision or direction of a Senior Judge.

    d)   Judges will be listed on Show Schedules, where possible.

  20. Judges from other organisations can officiate at Open Shows as long as their grading in their organisation allows them to do so.
  21. a)  The Judges in attendance will elect a Senior Judge to act as the Executive Judge.

    b)   The Judges’ decision is final. However, judges will be available after the Show, time permitting, for discussion.

  22. Judges will report to the Senior Executive Judge any fish deemed to be in distress or difficulty.  He will request assistance of the stewards to arrange aeration or if necessary debenching of the exhibit to a suitable or quarantine container where this has been made available.  Again the welfare of the exhibit is our prime concern.
  23. Whilst all reasonable care will be taken, no liability can be accepted by the Show organisers for loss or damage to exhibits or exhibitors’ property.
  24. Acceptance of these rules is implied by entry.
Last Updated on Monday, 03 March 2014 14:50

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