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Hello, I'm the Webmaster and PRO for the A of A.

I first got into fishkeeping when I was around five years old and I certainly made all the usual mistakes, but at least I don't remember them!Embarassed The first fish I bred was the Devario aequipinnatus or giant danio when I was around eight and things just grew from there.

By the age of twelve, I got into rare livebearers and the first rare fish I owned was Alfaro cultratus. This then grew to several livebearer species and I needed to get more tanks. At 15, I was lucky enough to have my parents offer to build a fish room in the garage. We soon had a room with around 50 tanks, housing over 80 species of livebearers, as well as a few Corys and plecos too.

I soon started showing fish but my main interest at heart is still maintaining rare species.

I am also training as an IKGH guppy standards judge.




Alan Dunne

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